Can I wash my hair extensions / lace wig ?

We recommend you pay the small salon fee ($70) to have your hair professionally  washed , dried &  straightened with a professional round brush every 10 - 14 days .  It will prolong your usage & maintain the quality & brilliance of the human hair . If you must wash your hair yourself , wash the hair as you would your real hair . Please treat the hair like fine silk as it is very delicate . DO NOT over condition your hair & be sure to rinse it out completely .  It is best to air dry your hair extensions overnight .

 Can I use oil /serums on my hair extensions/ lace wig ?

We recommend you DO NOT use any kind of oil on your hair .  A professional may use a light oil mist .

Can I use heat on my hair extensions / lace wig?

Yes , you can use a curling iron , flat iron , or blow dryer on your hair extensions/ lace wigs like you would on your natural hair . Please be careful to not burn the hair & use low heat . DO NOT use heat excessively without washing & deep conditioning the hair every 10 - 14 days . 


Can I custom color my hair extensions/lace wig?

Yes , you may color your hair extensions. Please be careful as every dye is different and we can not guarantee our product after you color it . If you must color your hair please use high quality professional products . It’s best to color a lighter color dark/bright than it is coloring a dark product light . The darker hair can change to a golden hue but understand this will break down the follicle . Results may vary and hair can shed excessively & may cause matting / tangling . Please Beware .


What is the difference in wig density ?

There are many opinions to the density of your wig. If you like a more natural look try going for 140% density . If you want a fuller look try 150% density . If you want super thick , full hair use the 180% option . Or you can add in weft hair to increase the density of your unit .


My hair extensions/ lace wig is tangled /shedding ; What should I do ?  

Your hair extensions should be treated like “fine silk “ . Because it was cut from a human donor it no longer can receive nutrients so please brush your hair VERY carefully & delicately . Your hair should be gently brushed from the bottom to the top . Please DO NOT tug or pull on your hair as it can break at the base .  If this happens contact our phone number or a licensed cosmologist to assist . 

How long does it take to ship my order ?

Thank you for shopping with us . Because our hair is 100% human hair & 1 donor please allow us adequate time to ship your order . A tracking number will be sent to your email address as soon as your order ships . Most orders will be delivered within 7 business days . Orders outside of the USA may take longer due to issues with customs . 


What is your return policy ? 

As our company grows we want our customers to fall in love with our glamorous products.  If you have an issue with your extensions  or you do not like the hair color/ texture you have the option to exchange the extensions / wig within 7 days . Please send  the wig / extensions back to us with you bearing the shipping fee for return.  Before you return back the product , please make sure the wig and or the extensions are in the Original ConditionUNWORN If the wig /extensions have been worn/altered in any way, then we can NOT do an exchange/refund . Sorry for the inconvenience.


What is your physical store addresses?


7619 1/2 Melrose Ave 

Los Angeles , CA 90046


What is the Hollywood Glamorous company phone number ?

(323) 413-2110

 I live outside of the USA and I owe import duties on my package, what should I do ? 

Customers outside of the USA are solely responsible for all fees & duties accumulated due to import taxes . Sorry for the inconvenience .