Hair Extension & Wig Washing Techniques

Ashley McCoy

Posted on May 09 2021

Hair Extension & Wig Washing Techniques

Hollywood Glamorous stylists are committed to making sure that your wigs and extensions are cared for in between appointments. That's why we’ve decided to share some great hair extensions care tips! 

First let’s discuss washing your extensions. 

Things to have before washing:



Wide-Tooth comb

Check out our accessories here. We offer the best quality wig care needs right here on our site! Without using the best quality of shampoo and conditioner for your wigs you can shorten the lifespan of your extensions and wigs. That’s why we offer our hair care products for our customers. 

Tip #1

Make sure when you wash your wigs or hair extensions you untangle any strands before running under water by using your wide tooth comb GENTLY. 

Tip #2

Run your hair extensions or wig under cool or lukewarm water and use a small amount of shampoo to work it into your hair piece. Make sure to wash from roots to ends. After you feel that you’ve washed your hair extensions properly, go ahead and repeat with the conditioner. REMEMBER: Don’t twist to ring out the hair, you should use your hands to squeeze out any excess water. 

Tip #3 

The secret to keeping your wigs and hair extensions in top tier shape is by waiting for your hair to air dry on a wig stand before applying any heat such as a blow dryer. Once you’ve let your hair extensions completely dry you may style it how you see fit. We have customized hot tools available as well that look just as fabulous as your hair! Check them out here!

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